Covington By The Park Development

In January 2016, an application was filed for Covington by the Park, a 1,390-lot subdivision and commercial development on Taylorsville Lake Road. The article from the Courier-Journal provides additional information: Huge Housing Project set for Southeast Jefferson. The preliminary plan intended a conservation subdivision along with commercial development. If these plans are implemented, this will by far be the largest subdivision ever build in this area.
On December 30, 2016 the application was withdrawn.

The original application, (Case #16ZONE1002) by Long Run Creek Properties, LLC (LRCP) was filed with Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services on January 11, 2016. This plan proposed the following zoning changes to the former Logan property:

  • 18 acres on Taylorsville Lake Road to be rezoned C1 (commercial development)
  • 135 acres to be rezoned from RR (rural residential, environmentally sensitive to R4 (4+ lots per acre)

The remaining land is zoned R4, which allows for 4+ houses per acre; however, that density is dependent on sewers.

Also on December 30, a zoning violation notice was issued related to logging in the Floyds Fork Development Review Overlay (DRO). For additional information see: Developers Violate Floyds Fork Logging Ban – Courier Journal.

LRCP challenged the violation before the Board of Zoning Adjustment on March 6. FANA members and counsel spoke in support of the citation. The Board voted 4 to 1 to uphold the violation and deny the appeal. Unfortunately LRCP has filed a court appeal to overturn the BOZA decision; that process is still underway.


There is reason to believe that a new application for development will be filed in the near future. FANA’s mission is to preserve the rural character and natural resources of the area; therefore, FANA is opposed to the original proposed plan due to the following concerns:

  • Traffic on Taylorsville and Taylorsville Lake Roads will dramatically increase resulting in a return to long wait times.
  • Development is proposed on land in the Floyds Fork Review Overlay.
  • The subdivision will require extension of sewers to the area; this will enable additional high density development in this area.
  • Runoff from lawns and impervious surfaces such as roofs and pavement will add to pollution of Floyds Fork.
  • Density of 1,390 proposed lots is not consistent with current land uses, such as farms and 5-acre tract subdivisions.
  • Logging and clearing of the property has resulted in drastic loss of tree canopy on approximately 50 acres. View aerial photos of the site on February 22nd showing logging efforts


This property includes the following street addresses: 4201/4501 Taylorsville Lake Rd.,15400 Taylorsville Rd., 4200/4201/4111 Yellow Brick Rd.

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