New Floyd's Fork Area Study

In 2015, Metro Planning and Design Services, with support from Metro Councilman Stuart Benson, announced plans to conduct a new Floyds Fork Area Study. An announcement regarding selection of a consultant is expected in June/July 2017. It is anticipated that a committee will be established and begin meeting this Summer. Several FANA members are under consideration for appointment to the committee.

It is our understanding that the study is intended to bring together experts and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan to guide development in the Floyds Fork watershed area. The study is expected to take about one year. When finished, we believe it will be integrated into an emerging county-wide comprehensive plan, known as Cornerstone 2040. To learn more about the plan or to join a work group, visit the website at:

A previous Floyds Fork Area Study, conducted in 2010, was completed at great expense, but never approved. We are hopeful that this new effort will be successful and look forward to participating in the process. A comprehensive plan is essential to guiding growth in the area.