Mission and Goals

The Fisherville Area Neighborhood Association (FANA) is a non-profit association of residents and owners in the greater Fisherville area. The mission is to preserve the rural character and natural assets of the Fisherville area and to represent the neighborhood's interests and views with government agencies.

FANA seeks to ensure that any new development in the Fisherville area meets reasonable guidelines:

  • All new development plans must incorporate relevant public comment and input to ensure that these plans are not overly disruptive to life in Fisherville.
  • We encourage the retention of farmland or development of large-acreage lots, but acknowledge the pre-existing prevalence of R-4 zoning in the area.
  • We support development of an area-wide “Overlay District” for the greater Fisherville area, which would include reasonable guidelines for future development, but would not affect existing subdivisions or properties.
  • Development must include sufficient improvements to infrastructure and roads that provide our residents safe, efficient ingress and egress.
  • New sewer and septic systems must meet current environmental regulations and have safeguards against dumping sewage in our streams and creeks.
  • New development should include lighting plans that preserve our dark skies at night.
  • New developments should be designed to preserve open space, mature trees, creeks, and wildlife habitat in order to retain the natural beauty of the area.

2017 Board Members


  • Harrell Hurst (Taylorsville Rd) – Chair
  • Bert Stocker (Ridge Wood Farms) – Vice Chair
  • Carol Hurst (Taylorsville Rd) - Secretary
  • Dan Mitchell (Canterbrook Farms) - Treasurer
  • Cindy Siders (Estates of Bradbe Forest) - Communications Director


  • Frances Aprile (Taylorsville Rd)
  • Ellen Bland (Fisherville Woods)
  • Ed Carter (Old Routt Rd)
  • Donna Frank (Bradbe Road)
  • Andrew Hartmans (Taylorsville Rd)
  • John Hodgson (Dunbar Springs)
  • Bill Jacob (Crystal Valley)
  • Shelia Mead (Hunt Country)
  • Chip Miller (Homestead Trace)
  • Martin Shuck (Clark Station)
  • Larry Stroud (Plum Creek)
  • Lia Vassiliades (Hunt Country)
  • Susan Weihe (Old Clark Station)